Lucca Junior

The space Lucca Comics & Games dedicates to the youngest ones: a world where illustrated books, comics, cartoons and games live side by side and are on a kid's scale.


Lucca Junior hosts in a single pavilion several activity areas, with a dense schedule of events and educational as well as recreational meetings, dedicated to children from 3 to 11 years old. Besides the exhibition booths, mostly for publishers of kids' books and games, Lucca Junior hosts the following interactive areas: a Laboratory Area, a Meeting Area, a Theatre area, a Playing Area and an Exhibition Area within which, during the festivals, meetings with authors and illustrators for kids will take place, together with games demos, handicraft laboratories, computer comics training courses, theatre shows, meeting for the professionals dealing with children and much more.


Moreover, every year Lucca Junior endorses a theme, that will be Sport in 2010, and enriches its program not only with activities in the pavilion, but also with contests, exhibitions dedicated to notable names in kids illustration world and projects specifically conceived for schools.


According to this year theme, the IV edition of the "International Contest for Comics authors and Illustrators Lucca Junior 2010" (open to Italian and East European artists) will be entitled "A CHAMPION'S DAY. Yesterday's sport, today's and tomorrow's" and will offspring the homonymous exhibition with a selection of the best panels.

Another important event in Lucca Junior 2010 will be the personal exhibition of Gianni De Conno, notable appointment perfectly fitting the series dedicated to kids illustration, started some years ago, which saw exhibitions dedicated to Emanuele Luzzati, Paolo D'Altan, Andrej Dugin e Olga Dugina.

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