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Lucca is known throughout the world as a city of Art, History and Culture. Since 1966, however, Lucca has become truly a landmark in the Comics world, confirming itself, year after year, as the most important and exciting event on Images Communication. A long and honourable story that has turned Lucca into one of the world's capitals of comics, thanks to the enthusiasm and skill of international experts, publishers, authors, critics and fans. A position it has achieved also thanks to its ability to identify the best, most exciting signs of things to come, first with the addition of Illustration to Comics and Animation Cinema, then, in 1993, a new important section, Lucca Games, dedicated to role-playing, table games, simulation, and to the fantastic imaginary (both in illustration and in literature), which share with the comics the base topics. Soon after, this was joined by Lucca Junior, for children and, finally, a vast multimedia section, conceived to explore the complex weaving of languages the new technologies are creating within the world of cartooning and images communication.

The notes from Music & Comics, the area entirely devoted to the fusion of music and cartoons are a perfect companion to this kaleidoscopic group, together with the Cosplay, a dash of lively and throbbing colour roaming the street of the Tuscan town: the unique and unrepeatable cosplayers creativity features the festival with exceptional enthusiasm, thanks also to the continuous evolution in the costumes realization and in the panto portrayal of the characters. It is moreover of utterly importance the attention to all the aspects of the youngsters culture and to the reference imaginary, through a constant interaction with them and a call for their protagonism, in order to educate to, and promote, the Italian creativity, especially for what concerns hope-to-be comics authors and amateur game designers, through workshops, meeting with authors and contests aiming to open a career path.

All of this is organised and presented in order to exalt communication and artistic talents of the newcomers, for whom Lucca Comics & Games is an effective means of national and international promotion. Since 2006, after a series of editions held in the city Exhibitions Area, the event moved back to town, not only with the themed exhibitions, but also with the trade show, making the two souls of the event - the cultural and the commercial one - live together in a man sized and inspiring setting.

And the success of this new format is constantly growing, thanks to the perfect blending of the highly contemporary elements of Comics and Games with the unforgettable setting provided by Lucca, truly an architectural, cultural and artistic pearl. Lucca Comics & Games can nowadays boast over 400 exhibitors, coming from all over the world, spread over 20,000 square meters of exhibition area, themed exhibitions set up in the wonderful palaces of the Historical Centre (Palazzo Ducale, Real Collegio, Complesso dell'Auditorium di San Romano), conferences and public debates, countless presentations of new publishing releases, meetings with the tens of authors attending every year the event, more than three hundred accredited journalists and a growing number of visitors (topping this years 140,000 people): such are at present the figures of Lucca Comics & Games, which made it the fundamental appointment for cartoonists, games authors, publishers, experts and fans.

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